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Challenge Title

Point Contact(s)

Elections 2013-2014: Can we bring voters to a consensus? Arpit
Cottage Industries in India Arpit
Teenage Menstrual Health Ayna
World Bank – Open Data Challenges for India Maruti Pranav
The Parishudh Sanitation Initiative Pranav
Education: The Aakash Tablet Pranav Charu
Ubuntu at Work: Skill-building and Self-help Community Organization Preeyanka Tanvi
Akshaya Patra: Mid-day Meal Program for Children Raghu Rajiv
Constitution of India – Bring It Alive Raghu
Food Security Bill Raghu
Healing Fields Foundation Raghu
Swaniti Initiative Roshan
Private Secure Website for Victims of Sexual Assault Roshan
Education: A Planning Tool for School District Monitoring Roshan Pranav
Food Security: The Public Distribution System Roshan
Hardware: The Agriculture Sensor Network Subhasis Pranav
Keep India Beautiful Thomas
Archive of Indian Music Vaibhav Pranav