Center for South Asia at Stanford
Code For Iindia
Stanford India Association

The India Hackathon at Stanford University

Hosted by the Stanford India Association, Center for South Asia at Stanford and Code For India, this first-of-its-kind event will bring like-minded individuals and teams together to work on interesting challenges from India. The main themes for the solutions and activities include:

  • Data analysis and visualization to provide insight on India
  • Building web and mobile applications to tackle specific challenges
  • Hardware ideas, descriptions and solutions
  • Discussion and brainstorming sessions on policy and developmental challenges
  • Increase awareness of ongoing efforts and initiatives

Date: Saturday, 5 October 2013
Time: 10:00am to 11:00pm
Venue: Huang Engineering Center, 475 Via Ortega Stanford CA 94305 (basement foyer)

Introduction: Karl Mehta – CodeForIndia and Menlo Ventures
Keynote: Ram Shriram – Member of the Board, Google

Contact: indiahackathon@gmail.com
Website: indiahackathon.org

We have free foodhosting and API support lined up for a day of creative collaboration and discussion.

Come by to participate in, contribute to and explore the projects and sessions. Find out more about Code For India, and share the inspiration to transform ideas into impact.

Akshaya Patra
Swaniti Initiative

Challenge Partners

Challenge Themes

  • Urban and rural infrastructural development
  • Electoral awareness
  • Policy analysis
  • Sanitation
  • Water and food security
  • Education
  • Women’s rights
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Heritage preservation

Technical Partners





Intel Capital

Intel Capital



10:00am  Cookies & Coffee
10:30am  Introduction: Karl Mehta
10:45am  Keynote Address: Ram Shriram
11:00am  Presentation of challenges*
11:45am  Address: Ken Elefant, MD Intel Capital
12:00pm  Details on technical support
12:10pm  Lunch | Challenges open to teams
6:00pm    Interim debriefing on the projects
7:00pm    Dinner | Continue Hacking
10:30pm  Final Presentations

*Participants are welcome to pitch their own challenges

Discussion Sessions

12:30pm  Education: Aakash Tablet
2:30pm    Healthcare in India
4:00pm    Food Security

The India Hackathon at Stanford
5 October 2013, from 10:00am to 11:00pm


Huang Engineering Center
475 Via Ortega
Stanford CA 94305

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