Private Secure Website for Victims of Sexual Assault

Rape is one of India’s most common crimes against its women, and as the UN human right’s chief terms it a “national problem”. It is disheartening to see a new rape case reported every 20-25 minutes and Rape in India warranting its own wikipedia page:
A lot of times, the rape victim does not speak out because of social stigma. An overwhelming proportion of rape survivors know the attacker personally, as someone from their surroundings, family or daily life. Marital rape that occurs when spouses are living together can only receive civilian remedies. Often, the victim is blamed for the rape.


We would love for the hackathon attendees to think about these problems and devise solutions. Shailesh Tainwala, a graduate student at Stanford University, has pitched the following idea (with non-profit intentions), and is looking for team members to help build this website.
He would like to design a very private/secure website for victims of sexual assault and abuse. As mentioned above, in India, a lot of women can never speak about sexual abuse and assault because of social stigma. Also, there is a big barrier to taking the complaint to the police. Having such a website will
* Give us a real picture of number of abuse cases
* Map these reports to geographical location, giving insights into ‘danger zones’
* Allow victims to share stories without any chance of compromising identity
* Create a community that may, someday, lead bigger changes


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